Looking for a low maintenance yet chic travel companion? Our rollable hats ensure you’ll never travel alone again. Each rollable hat is made from naturally resilient raffia, expertly crafted into versatile go-anywhere pieces. Our artisans spend years spent perfecting the craft of crochet so you can roll, pack and arrive ready-to-wear. 


If you’re headed for a warm, tropical climate opt for rollable raffia crochet. Open crochet stitching allows for breathability and wearability all day long. Our most popular pieces, they’re versatile and effortless for the fuss free traveller.   

For the traveller who wants practicality, but doesn’t want to sacrifice style, rollable raffia braid is ideal. Crafted in stylish silhouettes with UPF50+ sun protection they’re a perfect option for the city or the sea. 

For the adventurous traveller rollable visors are a must-have. Made in on-trend sporting silhouettes they’re practical, wearable and fashion-forward; perfect if you’re looking for one piece that will take you from the court to the bar.

Packing down to a third of the size, each style is easy to stow or carry. To roll unclip, or untie the band and flatten the hat. Fold each side in and secure with the band.

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