We revisit our blog archive to bring you the 'best of' our street style series. Style is always in fashion...  

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Design Director and style maven, Brianna Pike, was spotted leaving her textiles studio (SIXHANDS) en route to a lunch date with her partner.  Mixing Brigitte Bardot style cues with the irreverence of Michelle Pfeiffer (circa Grease 2) – we are loving the way she has worked the ultra texture of our LAZIO clutch back against the sheer lace blouse and strength of her panelled leather skirt.  The luxe-bohemian light gold jewellery and milky-tortoiseshell shades complete her look – making her our Total. Style. Crush.

helen kaminski brianna pike 2

A few questions with Brianna of SIXHANDS:

I was spotted … leaving the studio to go have lunch with my partner, we both work in Redfern so it’s perfect for lunchtime dates!

The most exciting place to be right now … the new Sixhands studio.

My style crushes are … The Vikings (on that show), Karl Lagerfeld, & Miroslava duma 

When I was younger I wanted to be …. An artist, until I discovered design. At one stage I wanted to be a chemist. I’ve always like science the creative worlds.

The last book I read … was called ‘Mauve’ - on how the colour was invented. Before the 1850s colours such as red, blue and blacks came from insects, plants and molluscs. It is the story of the chemist who discovered how to mass-produce colour in a factory. It was this research that was the basis for the development of perfume, explosives, photography and medicine.

My desert island survival kit ….
My bike
Big floppy hat (Helen Kaminski, of course!)
Machete for drinking coconuts
Double shot lattes
and a bottle of Cake Wine

Style is … forever evolving.  A language. Exciting.

I knew that designing was what I wanted to do. I was fascinated by fashion, art and design even as a young child, my early interest in textiles was fostered by raising silk worms in kindergarten and being fascinated by something so fine being able to be made into a fabric. - I would always study things, pulling them apart to see how they were made- whether it were clothes, shoes, jewellery.  I taught myself to sew, my mother showing me how to thread the machine and I started to explore sewing and patterns.

By High school my heart was set on doing textiles, my school wasn’t offering the course so I elected to complete the study via correspondence, I enjoyed the processes, collecting and collating inspiration, photographs, and collecting fabrics and trims.

I create a look by … starting with the very one piece I’m feeling the most, it could be shoes, necklace or could be a skirt. Everything will revolve around that piece.