What does PURE mean to you? As the fashion wheel spins at warp speed, with trends blurring into one another – the remnants of ideas fraying into a singular homogenised pool – its important to take a breath and step away.  Clear your mind.  Create a mindful space.

helen kaminski s15-25

Seemingly disparate references; from deserts to minimalist man-made forms, come together to form our vision of PURE.  Soft, undulating ripples in sand, the shimmer of sunlight on the ocean, organic lines reflected in modern architecture – subtle grained texture of plaster or chalk – a little bit of analogue in a digital world. The refined simplicity of man-made structures contrasted with the raw simplicity of nature.  

helen kaminski s15-26 

Light, fresh and PURE – the palatte of summer using desert, blonde, natural, chalk, dawn and eclipse melange – elevated with metallic flecks of copper and gold – means contemporary chic for your wardrobe.  Its effortless.  Celebrate summer by stripping back everything non-essential.  Create a modern, minimalist you with clean lines – using textures and fabrications found in nature.  PURE.  Share your riff on this trend with us @helen_kaminski

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