Cross-cultural partnerships, blended and blurred ethnicities, iconic symbols and associations, storytelling and traditions passed down through the generations provide our unique IDENTITY and individuality.  It’s a sense of belonging, of place and heritage.  Home. 

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 Inspired by the lands where we craft our designs – the people and sun baked red earth of Madagascar, the rainforests and craftsmanship of Ecuador to the vibrant textures of Sri Lanka – we braid together references like a cultural bower-bird.  Macramé with a fashion-forward twist, heritage techniques updated with the sensibilities of today, influences of nature reworked and refined through design.  Its taking these pieces with you but also letting go a little part of yourself.  The fluid state of IDENTITY.

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Modern day global nomadic lifestyles are spent exploring, traveling, discovering, working and residing in multiple cities, countries and continents.  All of these experiences shape who we are, the vision of our self and the course of our lives.  Show us your style IDENTITY @helen_kaminski

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