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We caught up with Carys Elliott, the Head of Global Marketing & Digital for Helen Kaminski to talk us through the platforms for the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign (and also to get a little insider knowledge on how this wonderful new direction for the brand came about).

How did you divine the inspiration for Spring/Summer 2014? Campaign inspiration came from a variety of sources, including iconic fashion imagery, the beautiful colours and rich cultural heritage of Morocco and North Africa, and luxury minimalist movements in art and design. With its dramatic sandstone formations and expansive blue skies, the location was the perfect natural backdrop to showcase the new contemporary direction of the collection and set the scene for the seasonal story.

The campaign marks a stylistic change of direction for Helen Kaminski – can you talk us though the newness? Yes, it has been a turning point for Helen Kaminski and Kaminski XY both from a collection design and campaign perspective. The product design and collection for Spring Summer 2014 moved us towards a more contemporary fashion inspired aesthetic so it was important for our campaign to communicate this change in a way that would resonate with a luxury fashion customer in multiple international markets. We’ve moved away from lifestyle shoots to convey more of a high fashion editorial feel, and increased the importance of film and interactive elements in our campaign.

What does kaleidoscope mean to you? A visually exciting, energetic and eclectic mix of colours and shapes. Helen Kaminski’s interpretation of kaleidoscope offers a clean, sophisticated and contemporary interpretation of this sometimes chaotic mix of colour and textures. A Kaleidoscope also evolves with every move. It’s a visual discovery constantly changing, so we felt it fitting to name this exciting collection heralding a new era of innovation and design direction after it.

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The hardest part of the shoot was … the length of the day; being the first on location and the last to leave. The 2:30am wake up calls were a killer! Though the early starts meant we were ready for our first shot at first light and it was definitely worth it to see the results.

And the most enjoyable … Watching the spectacular sunrise over the Pacific Ocean… It’s such a sublime time of the day to experience especially when there’s a hot coffee in hand to go with the view! Plus, working with such a wonderful creative team. When you have the best in the business collaborating with you on a project, you know the result is going to be really special…

Location, location, location … scouting the scene for SS14 was … Many kilometers to drive, but lots of fun! Myself, our Design Director and Kaminski XY Designer spent time on the road, negotiating the coastline to find exactly the right spot for the shoot. Given the natural beauty of Australia’s coastline, that’s not a bad way to spend your day…

The list of creative professionals is impressive, how did you go about curating this dream-team? It all starts with the creative briefings process; our Design Director and myself work on concepts and briefs before we decide who will be able to help us make our vision a reality. It’s so important to have the right team if you want an amazing result. Not only do you want to assemble a team of professionals at the top of their game, but also select those who are passionate about our brand, believe in our vision and bring something extra to the table. We were really pleased that we were able to assemble our dream for this campaign and I think it really shows in the end result.


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Your favourite shot? Why? Oh, that is hard! I have a lot I like from this campaign. But choose one, I’d say that the fashion visor/ tech accessories shot for its symbolism (to us internally). It was such a turning point in not only the design direction of our collection, but also the way we were presenting it; styling, model choices and photography etc. I also particularly love the fashion films in their entirety; Ben, and his cinematographer Ross, elevated and enlivened the campaign to a level not achieved before. The result was ethereal and evocative; a demonstration of what can be achieved when the creative collaborators you choose to work with are as passionate about your vision as you are.

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What can we expect for next season? A cinematic season inspired by film noir intrigue, the dark side of Hollywood, and luscious wintery textural delights! But you’ll just have to wait for winter to see that…

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