Sophisticated and composed, minimalist architecture and deconstructed sculptural installations rise against the natural beauty of the coastal environment.  A fusion of flawless, white, man-made forms and golden fine-grain sand meets the soft azure sky - ethereal and dreamy yet strong and confident.

The fashion films capture a special moment in the history of Helen Kaminski. A time of transition; of uniting the heritage of the past with a clean, modern future.  A destiny where natural inspirations meet with the latest innovation to become undeniable trends in fashion.

helen kaminski ss15-3

Shot on the coastal sand dunes of Wanda Beach, NSW, fashion photographer Nicole Bentley expertly directs the campaign stills with her signature editorial style.  Her sought-after skills evidenced in the sensitivity and strength portrayed in the engaging imagery, showcasing international and local talent in the form of Niki Hadju, Sharnee Gates and Stefan Pollman.

We partnered with Director, Pete Moore, to create two tangential films for Summer 2015.  Moore artfully used elements of light, scale, space and subtle movement to create dreamlike sequences, conveying the essence of summer within a celluloid frame.  Together with Simon Ozolins, Director of Photography, and Australian musician Ant Smith, from Smith & Western, Pete Moore transports the viewer to a mysterious and captivating place beyond consciousness, into another world …

helen kaminski ss15-4