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All the way from the province of Azuay in Ecuador, the Panama hat brings with it both a sense of adventure, luxury and craftsmanship.  Using only the finest grade torquilla palm – the artisans, whose skill has been passed down through the generations, begin each hat by plaiting the split torquilla fronds – working the fibre back and forth in a circular motion, creating pattern from tip to brim.  You’ll notice the inside of every hat is stamped – the mark of authentic Panama; certified by the workshops in Ecuador.

azuay fine weave 1


We owe the globalisation of the Panama to the North American engineers and workers who adopted the traditional Ecuadorian style while working on the Panama Canal.  Bringing the hats home – the notion of travel and adventure becoming an intrinsic part of its identity – the style became an instant classic.  Film continues to enhance the glamour of the Panama; the characters who wear this silhouette always seem to be more exciting, audacious and worldly (a triple threat for everything sartorial).


azuay fine weave 2


Spring/Summer 2014 sees a new slant on the traditional woven techniques employed by the Panama craftsmen; our Azuay Fine Weave Collection boasts geometric patterns enlivened by discordant colour combinations, open weaves and the finest of lace stitches (which can take up to 5 days to weave by hand). SAMBAVA and TOLIARA of our Helen Kaminski collection (and the JERVIS, HOWE and BELMONT of Kaminski XY) have the added certification of being UPF50+ (authenticated by Qualspec Australia).  Being part of our accents collection, the only thing left to decide is how they will accent your spring look.