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The Helen Kaminski Spring Summer 2018 Collection takes you on a voyage inspired by the Kahlo, Bilbao, Jardin, Andalusia and Nomada trends, to a place where heritage meets contemporary, luxury design.

A blend of elegant feminine undertones and poised masculine notes, the Collection sweeps through muted hues of deep Pacific, soft Charcoal and burnt Spice, through to sand blown Coral and icy Mint. Dynamic bold prints, natural rope and hazy stripes make a statement alongside fashion highlights of oversized bows, ruffle detailing and limited-edition hand applique florals.

Travel through the silhouettes of oversized fedoras and whimsical wide brims, stylish iterations of the classic Panama styles, and strong yet elegant round crowns that sit next to athleisure urban peaks and signature Helen Kaminski Raffia shapes. 


The Helen Kaminski Spring Summer 2018 campaign was brought to life on location with one of Australia’s most sought-after fashion photographers, Georges Antoni. Bathed in illuminating organic whites, you’re transported to summers in Santorini, Spain and Mexico, with clean lines, lightness and down-to-earth aesthetic. The Helen Kaminski woman portrayed with effortless sophistication in her appreciation for the experience.

Keeping true to authenticity, style and innovation, the Collection pays homage to the artisanal skill, handcrafted technique and luxurious quality that has become synonymous with the Helen Kaminski brand.